Bert is a handsome 3 year old Black and Tan/Plott boy that is waiting patiently in the Indianapolis area for his forever home. He weighs about 75 pounds, is housebroken, listens well and has good house manners. His current foster home has several hounds, male and female, and Bert gets along with everybody. He plays well with other dogs, but he sometimes plays a little rough and has to be corrected to "play nice" or "settle down". He is not aggressive but can come across as a bully sometimes. He is easily redirected by human pack leaders and does not cause any problems with the other dogs in his foster home. In his prior foster home, he learned to co-exist peacefully with the resident cat and a much smaller dog. Bert enjoys children, but his size makes him better-suited for older children. He would like for his family to be home more than away, but if he has other dogs to keep him company, he is fine when his family is away from the house. He is not destructive and is trustworthy in the house and is not crated. He would do really well in a home with a couple of dogs close to his size that like to wrestle and chase, or a home with one female dog. One on one with another male, he likes to be dominant and that leads to misunderstanding. His favorite activities besides running and playing outside with the other dogs are sacking out on the couch to watch TV with his foster parents, or "helping" with projects around the house like sweeping and dusting.

If you think you have room in your heart and home for this wonderful Coonie, please fill out an

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Page last updated on 23 October 2018