Ernestine is a 10 year old Black and Tan Coonhound waiting in northwest Georgia for a new home. She is mellow and has a laid-back disposition; her foster mom tells us that Ernestine is one of the sweetest hounds that she has ever met. She is good with children and other dogs. She has a low to moderate energy level and can entertain herself or sun and snooze on the deck when her humans or busy. She’s a quiet girl and does well off-leash, never wandering too far. She is housetrained and has wonderful house manners. She doesn’t get up on furniture unless invited (which she hopes you will do because she loves to snuggle). Ernestine LOVES her crate and will sleep in it soundly through the night or for an afternoon nap after playtime; she loves her dog bed and sleepy time toy. She likes to meet new people and dogs on her walks at the park. She is a good "dog park" dog and her favorite thing to do at the dog park is to get petted by all of the people there. Ernestine is an affectionate girl that knows how to lean into her humans for optimum petting. She is on an exercise program to get my weight down to a more manageable and healthy number and is thriving; she loves walks at the park, play time with other pups, and chases in the backyard.

If you think you have room in your heart and home for this wonderful Coonie, please fill out an

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Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

Page last updated on 10 October 2017