On September 29, 2016 Eden came into my life. I drove up to Tallahassee to meet Eden and her foster mom and finalize the adoption of my new hound girl. Her description on the website said she was petite, but she looked so much bigger in the pictures. I was struck by how small a 40 lb coonie is my previous dog was ~ 65 lb and boy do 25 pounds make a difference! But she had those big hound ears and those eyes that just totally pulled at my heart. After a short get acquainted meeting in a hotel room, I put Eden in my car and we drove 8 hrs to South Florida her new home.

It has been a rocky year Eden has a bad case of separation anxiety. We are working with a vet behaviorist on that and there are small signs of progress. I am fortunate that I have a lifestyle and a job that accommodate this issue. I learned quickly that Eden is an excellent football cuddle buddy and does not get riled when the humans get upset when our favorite team fumbles the game away.

Fortunately, Eden does well at dog day care; she is friendly and gets along well with other dogs. On the days I take her to work, she goes into her crate (her office) and naps the afternoon away. I live in an area that has a lot of restaurants with outdoor dog-friendly seating and Eden is always a well-behaved dining companion.

After two basic good manners classes, Eden and I enrolled in a Nosework class. We entered an AKC Scent Work trial in Ocala and she did AWESOME. We were entered in the Novice A class for Container (box) Search and Buried search. Eden earned her title (SBN) in Novice Buried hides and her 3 qualifying scores placed her 5th, 3rd and 1st in the Novice A class. We got 2 of the 3 qualifying scored needed for her Container search title and one of them was a 2nd place.

Eden is a very cool dog and I hope in time she will learn to trust me, and herself, and be comfortable being alone, just for a short time. I love her dearly and will take care of her.

Rita Monde

Page last updated on 19 December 2017