Ingenious Jim had to be truly ingenious to come through his neglected past and come out on the Rescue end with such a sweet, adorable spirit with no regrets for the past. This Lemon Walker boy suffered a badly broken left front leg from being dropped from a very high distance in his previous life that was allowed to heal on its own. Thankfully, Jim can run as fast as all of the other dogs and it causes him no distress so best vet advice was to let him be happy the way he is with his "wonky" leg. Jim seems to be in full agreement with that advice! Jim loves people and kids of all ages. He is perfectly cratetrained and doing very well on house training. He rides sweetly in the car. Jim loves water and enjoys splashing in the kiddie pool. He is not a bit afraid of thunder storms and has to be called back inside when they happen. Jim is a quiet boy that can entertain himself outside for hours on end. He's very social in the house, enjoys kids, other dogs and even cats. He's learning quickly how to do stairs. Ingenious Jim is about 45 lbs and celebrating his first birthday his north Georgia foster home.

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Page last updated on 31 July 2017