Maude was found wandering in an isolated neighborhood in coastal Alabama this summer during an extended period of extreme temperatures. She was exhausted, dehydrated and had given up on the kindness of humans after her previous owners had apparently left her there to fend for herself. A kind older gentleman had seen her and put out fresh water, and mentioned her situation to his daughter who found ABTCR volunteers and asked for help. Under the care of ABTCR, Maude has thrived. She’s an older girl that’s aged gracefully, and is estimated to be about 11 years of age. She is a wonderful hound and enjoys relaxing in the air conditioning, taking naps, and going for walks with her foster brother and sister. She is house and kennel trained, and sleeps well at night. She is friendly with all dogs, loves children, and every adult she meets. Her favorite time of the day is breakfast and dinner, and she’ll do a silly dance for her food. Please consider giving this lovely older hound a forever home. She had a lot of life to live!

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Page last updated on 19 August 2018