Chapter 1 of his book opens with our hero, a 4 month old Treeing Walker boy, being surrendered to a kill shelter after he knocked down the toddler in his family. Things looked bad for the pup as the days pass. Chapter 2 finds our boy wagging his tail and looking adorably cute when his foster parents arrive at the shelter and tell him that his life is about to change for the better. Dare he hope that a foster parent is like a Fairy Godmother? Chapter 3 finds our boy riding so politely in the car as they leave the shelter. His foster mom takes off his much too tight collar and gives him a pill to kill all of his fleas and, best of all, a piece of hot dog every time he sits. Life is definitely looking up! They arrive at the vet's office where he loves everyone and feeling is mutual. If you would like to help write the next chapter, fill out an adoption application!

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