Sensational Buster is a 5-6 year old Redbone mix. He is a very gentle and fun dog who gets along with all dogs he meets. He is very social with people and enjoys being around older children. He would love a doggie playmate in his new home, too. NO cats, please. Buster loves to ride in the car, go for walks, and keep the yard free of squirrels and rabbits. Buster is trusted in the house day and night, and uses the dog door at will. After the humans go to bed, he will come into the bedroom and gently whine if he needs to go out. Buster is a hit at doggy day care and at the dog park. He also puts himself to bed by 6:30 each night. Buster also has a beautiful smile!

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Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

Page last updated on 5 January 2018