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- During the month of July Harness Lead will be donating $1.00
for every on-line sale of a harness lead to American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue!
This single lead works as a harness or slip lead, adjusts to all sizes and body shapes
and the soft weave is gentle to the dog's skin.
The best part is it helps reduce the pulling on some strong dogs
and there is no more choking/gagging because the tension goes to the barrel of the dog's body and not the neck.
There is no longer the need for a rack of various size collars/harnesses
and leads because this one product does it all!
Purchase your harness lead during July and benefit the wonderful rescued hounds at ABTCR!

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- American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue is proud to be partners with Purina's Rally to Rescue,
an organization formed to help support shelters and rescue groups across America.
Their generous support of our Rescue has helped us save more Coonhounds and Bloodhounds.
Please check out Rally to Rescue's Facebook page
that is filled with wonderful suggestions on taking care of your new pet.

-Check out our ABTCR Video and learn why we rescue and how you can help.

ABTCR rescues Coonhounds and Bloodhounds across the country.
If you are interested in adopting one, please click on the desired region to see a complete list of the hounds in that region.
Remember, we can arrange transport by ground or air for approved adopters, so you don't have to limit your search to one region.

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6 July 2014