Jill and Ireland (F)

Many of us frequently check out the ABTCR website to look at the dogs currently waiting for their furever homes. At any one time, there are approximately 100 dogs that are living with foster families across the country. As we all know, there are always more dogs that could be saved and adopted, if only we could find more foster families. But did you know that there are also many ABTCR dogs that are living in foster homes but will never make it to the website? These are our special needs dogs - most of which have a terminal illness or debilitating injury that makes them unlikely candidates for adoption. ABTCR believes strongly that these hounds also deserve to have a good life, whatever form that takes and for however long or short that time may be. To make sure that these dogs also enjoy that good life - and the nourishing food, soft beds, endless tummy rubs, and unconditional love that they deserve - there are foster families who care for them, knowing that they will never be adopted, and selflessly taking on the heartbreaking task of giving these dogs that good life and eventually the loving goodbye that every dog deserves.

ABTCR is fully committed to these dogs by providing them with the medical care, food, and other things they need. But we could use your help. Sometimes a foster home is not available for an adoptable dog in a shelter because our foster families are full, including with dogs that are permanent fosters. While it may look like we have plenty of fosters, we always need more - including people with big hearts who are willing to give a terminally ill dog a loving home, whether that is by fostering or adopting.

Meet a few of our dogs in hospice care:

Jill and Ireland are two of the Chatsworth hounds that came into ABTCR in May 2015. Both had mammary tumors that were removed but came back as Mammary Sarcoma Carcinoma, with an estimated diagnosis of approximately six months. Nine months later, they are still symptom free. These two senior hounds are loveable, playful, and happy. What better way for them to spend the last months - or years - of their lives!

Giving a dog the happiest last years of its life should not be a sad thing but a joyful thing. You are giving that dog something it would have never had - being loved and cared for! These dogs may be ABTCR's invisible dogs, but they are not any less loved or important to us. Can you help?

If you think you have room in your heart and home to help one of these wonderful Coonies by fostering, please fill out an

and get the process going.

Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

Page last updated on 22 September 2016