We adopted Darby in 2016 from Texas and she was relocated to her forever home in Fairbanks, Alaska. She isn't your typical Alaskan pup, however, she LOVES it here! We wanted another dog to keep our bloodhound/coonhound mix company and so, we named her "Nukka" which means "little sister" in Yupik Eskimo. After her long travel to Fairbanks, she was scared but quickly developed a bond with her new family. We were told that she never lived inside and had no social or basic training but, she only had two accidents in the house and we have had her now for 4 years. She loves to sniff in the woods, chase squirrels, camp with the family, and run as fast as she can on our many remote trails. She will look deep into your eyes as if to say "Thank you so much my wonderful humans - I love you!" She has melted our hearts! One thing we didn't know was that when she's in the woods, she doesn't bark - she screams! Never knew a dog with such a talent.

Page last updated on 18 April 2020