Grady and I finished the 5 weeks of classes and he was actually the star of the class for some things; "down" and "on your bed." I think that's because I do those before every meal time and make him (and Copper) stay until I give the "go ahead" command. He still struggles a bit with walking with all of the other dogs around. He's just so friendly and sweet. The class actually met last Saturday for a morning "date" out at a restaurant patio on Saturday. It was a great exposure and chance to see how the dogs do out in public with a lot of distractions.

We will continue working on some things: behavior going through doors, walking, and "leave it." That last one especially applies to squirrels, rabbits, and more. His prey drive is so high, I'm trying to use it as a training tool. In other news, Grady is still a star with people when we're out walking. He and Copper are getting along and they seem to be engaging one another and playing / wrestling more this week. I weighed him and Copper this morning, Grady was right at 69.4 lbs. He might do okay with a few pounds more, but he's really in a good range and that's what the trainer thought as well. He's stopped the massive shedding and his coat is really shiny now.

Next step, I want to see if Grady will get in the water and swim. So far, he barks at the waves lapping on the shore. Took a few pictures of Grady "sunning himself" in the back yard this morning.


22 December 2011

Grady really has settled in (with occasional separation anxiety) and I can leave him and Copper out during the day when I go to work. I have a video camera set up and can see that they mostly just rotate between the couch and their dog beds throughout the day, with an occasional glance through the windows and sliding door. When I'm home, he's always in the same room as me and he's beneath my chair as I type this message. We've been working on basic sit and stay. He knows them but he's just a "little" stubborn. I've been able to put a little weight on him, but we walk between 2-5 miles a day, so it's an ongoing process. He's still skinny, but is filling in. Everyone at the park where I walk the dogs has commented on him and most say what a beautiful dog he is.

I've attached a couple of pictures. He seems to have assumed ownership of the chair in the living room. He is a work in progress but I'm crazy about him. Everything is new to him: the television, mirrors, coffee grinder, etc. but he's doing so well! Finally, he is definitely a hunter. The park where we walk has an overabundance of squirrels, so it's a little challenging with him. This is a video of us at 6:30 in the morning. Warning - turn your speakers down, because he's a loud one!


21 July 2011