This isn't just another happy ending, it's truly a love story. We lost our 9 y/o border collie mix to cancer a couple months ago. She was a true gem! I didn't know how tough it would be losing a pet. I was crushed. My best friend, Tine, happens to be the coonhound rescue guru of Amador County. She came for dinner one Saturday night and brought this scrawny little coonhound with her (Island Girl). We fell in love with her and she's been with us ever since. She's truly a blessing to us. We love her dearly. I sometimes wonder how life went on without her? She is so smart and willing to please, she loves to tease her big brother, Cowboy, and play with her 20 lb maine coon kitties. And she's not scrawny anymore, she's a beautiful big strong girl.

Thank you Tine, and Coonhound Rescue. Our life is complete now.


Page last updated on 28 June 2010