The Three Amigos

Everything is going fine and they are acclimating with the other dogs. It definitely made it easier with the two of them. When Jessie gets leash walked around the yard everyone else is there side by side. Jackpot brings up the rear following around.

They both slept through the night and ate fine this morning and took their meds as needed. They have appetites like hounds. After they finished their food in their crates they went around inspecting the others' bowls. I thought that might be challenged but no one raised any issues.

They also went to our Vet this morning. They were highly complimentary of what's been done for them in fostering and by your Vet. Everyone oohed and awed about how cute they are (which we knew) and how good of shape they are in.

Jessie of course doesn't like the cage quarantine but our Vet reinforced keeping her calm through her heartworm treatment, which we already knew because of Duke. The Vet says based upon Jackpot's bone structure he is going to be a big boy. Probably in Duke's weight range - 80 Lbs. Everyone was tuckered out after the adventure.

Jackpot holds his own. Hudson poked his head too far into his crate and Jackpot growled at him. He is fiesty and parades his new toys around in front of the others. You called it- they like fleece toys. He hasn't tried wrestling with the bigger dogs yet. He still prefers doing that with Jessie when I let her out.


Page last updated on 14 June 2009