We knew she was ours when we first saw her! She has kept her name and is now Snow Snow! She is loved by everyone and as curious as a cat! She spent the first few days barking at the mirror looking for her puppy mates and has now adapted well to being an only. More Bark Boxes and love for HER! She is quite an adventurer and loves meeting all of the neighbors on long walks. Living in a house with a grandma who is home during the day, and a mommy who teaches, and a sister who has TONS of energy, she has learned how to respond to each one. She is so smart and has toys and sniff mats and lots of things to entertain.

We are so thankful for everyone who helped bring Snow to us! Starting with Jayne on the front end who made all of the logistics fall in to place! Foster mom Heather Tucker did amazing and the fabulous way I was able to follow her journey with Celia. Through the FB site we have connected with her puppy mate Brrr, now Gilbert, and we just saw Blizzard's update! We would love to connect with all puppy mates and even mama Winter. Thank you for making it all happen!

Angie Snow

Page last updated on 16 February 2019