What a super smart little girl; she is doing really great with everything,housetraining, sit, down, leave it, and manners. It is a wonderful thing! She is the best puppy. We just feel so blessed. She is a true joy and has stolen all of our hearts.She loves to just be around all of us and is goofy but also so calm it is very funny. She and Maisy are fast friends and love to play and snuggle. All of our family and friends that have met her just fall in love, she is such a great girl. Thanks to Barb for all of her help, and a special thank you to Jayne for the support and guidance in finding our happy ending.

A very happy New Year to all,
The Bertram Family (Scott, Syndi, Ruby, Scottie, Maisy, Vixey Sue,and Hemi)

Page last updated on 30 December 2009