Isabella, who was fostered with Jayne, is now named Bella. It took Bella a long time to warm up and relax. She has chosen me as her protector and savior, so if anyone yells (even if I do) she runs into my room. She was messing in the house in the beginning, but after we figured out what her going out signs were, that has stopped. We know she is afraid of loud noises, ice, and big trucks. In the beginning we had to block off the upstairs when we were awake, so that she would stay downstairs with us; now she is very comfortable and she wants to be underfoot. She is learning to be social, and not timid. She has learned to sit. We are still working on staying, and begging. My six year old says she has food issues.

The best thing we like about Bella is that she only wants to please all of us (8, 6 adults and 3 children). We cannot imagine life without Bella.

I also want to add for anyone reading this: I told Jayne what I wanted and she felt Bella would be best. She could not get us a picture of her as soon as I would of liked, so we decided since she does this all the time, we would trust her. Thank you, Jayne! We couldn't have found a better dog ourselves.

Pat Fisk

Page last updated on 21 February 2007