Click on any of the names to view the description of that particular Coonhound or Bloodhound.
Prior to adoption, all our Coonhounds and Bloodhounds are neutered/spayed, brought UTD on all shots, wormed and on heartworm preventative.
If, after viewing the available Coonhounds and Bloodhounds, you have questions PLEASE e-mail Jayne Schlegel at for more information.

You can submit your adoption questionnaire online. Just fill it out and hit the submit button. Once the completed application is submitted and approved, you will be ready to adopt a new friend.

All adopters will be asked to sign an Adoption Agreement and pay an adoption fee of $200.

Adult Males

Adult Females


Erik (GA)

Priscilla Poundcake (MS)

Polly (GA)

Bandana (NC)

Liberty (FL)

Vanessa (NC)

Reggie (VA)

I Love Lucy! (GA)

Britain (AL)

Bow Tie (NC)

Indigo Girl (GA)

Honey Bun (SC)

Juicy Fruit (AL)

Ainsley Precious (TN)

Blanche (GA)

Carhartt (GA)

Zola (TN)

Ernestine (GA)

Coal (GA)

Edwina (NC)

Ascot (NC)

Judge (VA)

Gina (NC)

Mazie (GA)

Ferdinand (VA)

Bella Rosa (VA)

Patrick (GA)

Jumpin' Jack Flash (GA)

Divine (VA)

Jasper P. Moose (GA)

Andy Griffith (GA)


Wonderful Life (AL)



Gideon (GA)



Ariel (TN)



Pair of Aces (GA)



Primrose Blue (GA)



Hank Williams (TN)



Farrah (MS)



Vanity Fair (GA)

Male Pups

Female Pups


Hollywood (AL)

Credit (GA)

Happy Feet (GA)

Great Gatsby (GA)

Greta (GA)


24 May 2017